The Deep Sleep Revolution

Buckle up, because you’re about to embark on a journey to the land of dreams. Forget those tossing-and-turning nights. We are talking about deep sleep that not only leaves you feeling rested but also transforms your life.

Deep sleep has benefits that we often don’t know about:

heart Your resting body produces growth hormones
heart Repair of muscles, tissues, and bones
heart Improved immune system function
heart Improves brain function

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Amanda Beth Johnson

Uncover the life you deserve with Amanda Beth!

An energy healing expert, she's on a mission to guide you toward self-discovery and wellness. After her own incredible transformation, Amanda Beth now uses ThetaHealing, a powerful intuitive technique, to help you break free from limiting beliefs. Peeling away the layers of your onion and becoming your true self with her support.

Amanda Beth is an intuitive healer, holding five ThetaHealing certifications. She also proudly owns Iowa Salt Pod, southeast Iowa's premier integrative wellness flotation spa. Her offerings include float therapy, homeopathic educational consulting, and amethyst biomat. She's the esteemed 2023 Geo Ropert Award of Excellence recipient. Beyond her healing journey, Amanda is a master gardener, crochet enthusiast, and head-turner with her classic car. Join Amanda Beth in the adventure of self-discovery and empowerment!