Unlock Inner Peace and Focus with The Muse Meditation Headband Your Journey to Mindfulness Elevated

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Put on your Muse and select a meditation. Muse’s sensors will passively measure your brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movement.


Muse gives you real-time audio feedback so you can hear what’s happening in your mind. When you’re calm & settled, you'll hear peaceful weather.


As your mind wanders and your focus starts to drift, you’ll hear stormy weather cueing you to bring your attention back to your breath.

Accelerate Your Learning

The Muse app receives real-time data on your brain and body signals from sensors in your headband and translates them into peaceful weather sounds.  

During your meditation, these gentle audio cues give you immediate feedback on your heart rate, breathing patterns, body movement and brain activity. 

This powerful training technique teaches you to adjust your meditation practice in real-time, guiding you towards deep focus and concentration in every practice.

Discover Your Meditation StyleExplore a range of biofeedback meditations designed to teach you the foundations of mindfulness.

Whether you want to reduce stress, improve focus, or optimize your performance, each unique practice provides tailored feedback to help you build the skills to achieve your goals.

Get Instant Reports On Your Brain Activity & More

The Muse app processes data in real-time and records this information for you. At the end of each meditation, you will see an easy-to-read graph highlighting how much time your brain spent in calm, neutral, and active states.
The more time you spend in a calm state, the more points and birds you earn. These rewards also make it easy to stick with your mindfulness routine and help you see how you’re improving over time – confirming that practice does in fact mean progress.

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